Restoring and colorizing an old photo using digital painting.



Photographs are the way of preserving these special moments of out lives and offer as a portal in time to go back and remember how we felt at those times and the people who we were with.

Unfortunately even the most treasured photographs tend to fade and to crumble with age. This is where the magic of technology and artistry become invaluable in saving the treasured memories of the special moments of peoples lives.

This old black and white photograph taken in early 1950s during a summer three brothers spend sailing a family boat on lake in Catskills, Upstate New York.

To restore and to bring back the vivid colors of the happy days, after the photograph was carefully cleaned, it was scanned and digitally retouched to remove stains, tears, and scratches. Then, the colors were applied according to the best recollections and to the suggestions of the client.

While the original photograph brought in by the client was very small black and white print, scanning the image at high resolution made it possible for the photograph to be enlarged, and with addition of a custom border and feathering the edges of the image, to be made into a art painting, to be displayed among other treasured family mementos.


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