Restoration of a faded and water stained photograph from 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games was commissioned by New York Fencers Club Restoration a faded and creased photo of Arctic Research USNS Eltanin Restoration of a faded photo of 1963 New York Yankees Team Custom photo scanning and digital photo archiving. The view of New York's City Hall.
Restoration of an award certificate poster from 1951 Bolivarian Games is a great example of what even the most damaged document or a photograph can be restored with the help of modern technology. Restore a build sheet for Classic and Collectible Cars 1968 Shelby Convertible.
Cleaning a smoke damaged photograph
Restoration of 19th century Irish-American wedding portrait Restoring and colorizing a historic photograph of Milan Rastislav Stefanik a Slovak politician, diplomat, aviator and astronomer.
Restoration of space memorabilia photograph of Apollo 8 liftoff and NASA mission control badge Restoration of a vintage photo portrait
Restoration of a colorized photograph stained with magic markers
Restoration of a stained and scrated photograph of a Jewish spiritual leader from Eastern Europe. RESTORATION OF AN OLD WEDDING PHOTOGRAPH
Restoration and reproduction of a 19th century American family portrait. Restoration of a faded photograph of young ballet dancers
Restoration of a photograph damaged in house fire Restoration of Boy Scout Lifesaving and Meritorious Action Award Restoration of an ink stained photograph of a vitage Chris Craft speedboat Restore photograph stuck to glass
Photographs restored for the album Leave Your Sleep by Natalie Merchant. Restoration of a torn photograph
Restoration of an old Polaroid photo Restoration of a waterdamaged and stained photograph Client testimonial restoration of a very faded photograph
Restoration and reproduction of a historic WWII photograph of General MacArthur and General Eisenhower by Tom Shafer Restoration of a photograph stuck to broken glass Restoration of a water damaged wedding photograph Unrolling, flattening and restoration of a rolled-up photograph
Restoration of an old photo postcard with damaged borders and missing parts. Restoration of an old colorized photo
Restoring and colorizing an old photo using digital painting Restoration of a NASA documents that were flown to the Moon on board of Apollo 12 mission Restoration of a portrait of an acting coach Stella Adler damaged by careless cleaning Restoration and reproduction of a Civil War Military Discharge Certificate


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