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Restoration of a photograph of Henri Matisse taken during his stay in New York City

Museum quality restoration of photographs and documents

Many collections of photography and documents, while steeped in meaning and emotional value, are too fragile to handle or too delicate to display. Accurate reproductions can easily solve these issues. These faithful facsimiles facilitate display to wider audience as illustrations of an institution's legacy or corporate history, or serve as meaningful pieces of fine art.

Other clients who often find themselves in need of expert photography restoration are publishers of historical books and periodicals, documentary filmmakers, genealogy researchers, and all others who appreciate attention to details and accuracy of high quality restoration.

Restoration of NYPD document signed by Theodore Roosevelt restoration or replication of photographs and documents is a delicate and demanding process that requires great skills and dedication. Because of his technical expertise, knowledge of the history and evolution of photographic techniques, and high quality results, Sebastian Wintermute has been entrusted to restore photographs and documents not only by private clients nation wide, but also by some of the most prestigious businesses and institutions.

Restoration of photograph from 1912 Olympic GamesHis work appeared in many publications and displayed in distinguished institutions such as; New York Fencers Club, Greek Orthodox Archdioceses, The Masonic Lodge of New York, and Boy Scouts of America.

print and media credits include:


Triangle: Remembering The Fire
The Lavender Scare
The Russian Woodpecker
YEVONDE: Be Original or Die!


Natalie Merchant - "Leave Your Sleep"


Thom Filicia - "American Beauty: Renovating and Decorating a Beloved Retreat"
Jordan Auslander - "Weinstein-Postel: family origins"
Boruch Oberlander & Elkanah Shmotkin - "Early Years:
The Formative Years of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson"

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