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Restoration of Civil War document signed by President Lincoln

Document restoration and conservation

Sebastian Wintermute was privileged to restore many of documents that are directly related to the history of our great nation; military papers signed by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, patrolmen nominations signed by New York Police Commissioner and future president, Theodore Roosevelt; World War 2 memorabilia as well as NASA documents flown to the Moon aboard Apollo 12.

Document restoration and conservation include a full range of treatments from the stabilization of fragile materials including surface cleaning and non-aqueous de-acidification to insure against further deterioration, reduction of creases, mending of tears and infilling areas of paper loss.Restoration of antique map of LondonVarious options ensure the treated documents remain stable, including polyester film encapsulation, various archival folders and storage boxes.

Prior to beginning of restoration, each document is examined and a written description of proposed treatments along with an estimated cost based on time and materials are submitted to the client. No restoration process is started until the client approves it. Before and after photos are taken for the final restoration report.

Restoration of Civil War documentDocuments too damaged for traditional methods can be restored digitally - the same procedures used in high quality photo restoration. A damaged document is scanned, digitally restored to good-as-new condition and printed on specialty paper for showcase quality copies.