Restoration of an old Polaroid photographOld Polaroid photograph during the process of restorationRestored Polaroid after digital retouching and color corection


With time many Polaroid pictures become discolored, cracked and curled. Scratches and tears may result in separation of layers that cause further damage to the image. Such Polaroid pictures have to be restored with extreme care. Since attempting to scan a photograph in such state of distress may result in poor quality of image and in worst case further damage and even destruction of a photograph, first step in restoration has to be humidification and flattening of the photograph.

By slowly introducing humidity into the layers of a photograph it can be uncurled and made pliable ones again. Quite often the process of humidification and flattening has to be repeated many times before a photograph becomes reasonably flat. Ones a photograph is flattened and dried it is scanned at high resolution to produce a digital file suitable for restoration. After the the photograph is scanned image is carefully retouched to remove any signs of damages, such as scratches of the photo emulsion, tears and rips. Color correction is applied to restore the original tones of the photograph.eristics and longevity with high gloss finish that resembles the original Polaroid prints.

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