New York restoration service. Restoration of an old newspaper.WWII 1942 The Halifax Chronicle. Battle of Atlantic.


1942 The Halifax Chronicle newspaper describing an amazing story of WWII rescue of Canadian merchant marine who survived three sinking of convoy ships after they were torpedoed by German submarines.

Restoration of the newspaper began with careful humidification and flattening of the pages. After humidification the pages were unfolded and the surfaces were cleaned from accumulated debris.


Numerous tears and missing areas were reinforced and patched with archival backing material.

To prevent further deterioration the paper was deacidfied to neutralize any harmful chemicals that were originally contained in the paper and those that accumulated over the years. A high resolution scans of the pages were made using large format flatbed scanner and the produced digital images were retouched to remove the appearance of discoloration, rips, tears and other damages. The missing text was copied from a microfiche of the newspaper obtained from the archive. Particular attention was given to matching the typeface and the appearance of the newspaper print.

Digitally restored image was printed in full size on archival paper and was was used as illustration in a book about this particular episode of WWII Arctic Convoys.