Professional photo restoration in New York City. Restoration of torn photograph of an early 20th century wedding


This beautiful wedding picture taken at the beginning of the 20th century was brought to the studio in in an extremely bad condition. Torn to shreds, with many parts missing, it set in the closet for may years, slowly deteriorating from exposure to harmful chemicals used to disinfect and to rig of the mold and mildew.


The first challenge in restoring this photograph was putting the pieces together, making sure that the edges are matched exactly, preventing overlaps or excessive gaps between the parts. After the separate pieces were brought together they were permanently joined using acid free archival tape of the same tape used for repaid of artwork, rare books and manuscripts.

Ones the photograph was made whole again and could be handles without fear of it breaking into pieces, the surface was cleaned of dust, dirt and any other debris that accumulated over the years with soft brush and application of specially formulated photo cleaning solution.

To restore the image and to bring back the original color of the photograph that has faded over many years of neglect, a high-resolution scan was made to capture all the details of the beautiful lace-work on the wedding dress. Using advance photo retouching techniques the tears on the photograph were mended and missing areas restored and replaced to produce the restored image and prints that contained all the detail and richness of the original.

The restored digital image was presented to the client for approval and after additional retouching applied to make the final corrections the photograph was printed on fine art natural rag paper with surface texture that closely matches that of vintage gelatin silver photo prints.

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