water stained photograph before restoration restored water damaged photograph with stains removed Photograph of Milan Rastislav Stefanik before restoration Restorration and colorizing of a photograph of Milan Rastislav Stefanik Trying to mend a valiable family photograph with a scotch tape or masking tape is a very bad idea. Using clear tape to mend a priceless family heirloom photograph is never a good idea. With time the chemicals from the tame will cause irreversible damage to the surface of the photograph and the tape itself will become discolored and separate, leaving the photograph in even worst condition them before. Restoration of a water damaged photograph that became stuck to glass. previously stained and stuck to glass photograph after restoration. Rolled-up-photograph before flattening. Rolled-up and torn photograph humidified and partially unrolled. Rolled-up photograph after humidification, unrolling, flattening, and mending. Restoration of a historic photograph High quality copy of historic WWII photograph of Eisenhower and MacArthur together in Tokyo taken by Tom Shafer 19th century historic photograph of New Yorks St Patrick's Cathedral and 5th Avenue Restroration of a historic photograph of New York City Faded and water damaged wedding photograph Faded and water damaged had colorized weddiing photograph after restoration Frank Sinatra stepping off TWA Lockheed Constellation airliner. Restoration of an ink stained photograph. Restoring ink stained photograph of a vintage Chris-Craft  speedboat racing across Long Island Sound. US Civil war family document Restoration of a torn document Battle of Atlantic WWII Halifax Chronical newspaper article. Restoration of The Halifax Chronical WWII newspaper Restoration of an old polaroid photograph Old Polaroid baby picture before restoration Old Polaroud photo after restoration Damaged medalion belonging to the family of one of the Triangle Factory Fire victims. Restoration of photographs for Triangle Factory Fire HBO documentary. Restoration of photographs for Natalie Merchant CD booklet Photograph stuck to pice of broken glass before restoration. Previously stuck to broken glass photograph after restoration Torn and faded vitage wedding photograph before restoration Restoration of a torn and faded photograph, 19th Century photograph of Manhattan. Restored photogrsaph og the old view of Manhatan 5th Avenue and 42ns Street Reservoir Historic photograph on Manhattan Plaza Hotel and 5th Avenue mansions Restored and colorized photograph of the original New York Plaza Hotel building and Cornelius Vanderbilt 5th Avenue mansion.
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