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Restoration of a Stained Photograph. Even the most damaged and stain-covered photos can be restored to their original appearance. After drying and careful restoration, all the stains and marks are gone from the surface of the photograph.  Restoration of a photograph of Milan Rastislav Stefanik. The glass plate negative taken during the sitting for Milan Rastislav Stefanik official portrait for many years was left neglected in an a box of other photographs and negatives, slowly deteriorating. Colorized portrait of Milan Rastislav Stefanik. The black and white photograph was restored and later hand colorized, accurately recreating the appearance of WWI uniform and the military decorations as they were confirmed by research and consultations with experts in military history, decorations and uniforms. Restoration of a torn 19th century family photograph. Mending a valuable family photograph with scotch tape is a really bad idea. But even such damaged and defaced photographs can be restored. 19th century family photograph after restoration. The pieces of this beautiful family studio portrait were rejoined using pH neutral archival tape. With careful retouching all the lost pieces filled in and tears retouched to bring the photograph back to the original appearance. Restoration of a photograph stuck to glass. When a pipe bursts even the President of the United States and the First Lady may get sewage dirty water all over their faces and gowns. Luckly it happened to a photograph and not to the actual presidential couple. Photograph stuck to glass after restoration. After careful removal from the frame, the photograph was carefully cleaned to remove the dirt and the stains, and expertly retouched to revive the washed out colors. Restoration of a rolled-up photograph. restoration of a rolled up photograph or a document is one of the most challenging and difficult of all restoration tasks. Because simply trying to unroll a photograph may cause additional damage if not total of the item, first the photograph has to be carefully humidified in order to introduce moisture into the layers of the photo paper and make it pliable. Unrolling and mending a rolled-up photograph. Often the procedure has to be repeated many times with the photograph being carefully unrolled inch by inch. This particular photograph was not only rolled up and stored that way for many decades in a dry environment, it was also broken by careless handling. Fortunately the tear run only half through the photograph and no parts of the photograph were lost. Rolled-up photograph afrer flattening and restoration. After the humidification, unrolling and flattening of the photograph were completed, the photograph was digitally scanned and retouched to remove all signed of damages. Light sepia tone was applied to the photograph to give the final image a delicate vintage appeal. The final image was printed on fine art photo paper to be framed and displayed by the owners of the original photograph. Digital archiving and reproduction of a historic photograph. Exceptional care was given in making a copy of this extremely rare autographed photo of World War II military leaders, General MacArthur and General Eisenhower taken during their meeting in Japan. Reproduction of a historic WWII photograph. After removing all signs of staining and filling in the missing areas, special attention was given to the reproduction of detail and color of the signatures. The bottom border texture and color were extended around the photo to recreate the original size of the print. Fine art  photo paper was used to print the image that perfectly matched the signed original. Digital archiving of photo collections. High resolution scan of a photograph of New Yorks St. Patrick's Cathedral taken at the time when the 5th Avenue was a quiet street perfect for an afternoon stroll and any place above 110th Street was considered to be the upstate. High resolution scaning and retouching of archival photographs. 19th century photograph a photograph of New Yorks St. Patrick's Cathedral was scanned at high resolution using a professional photo scanner. The captured digital image was retouched and restored to near perfect condition. Restoration of a water damaged vintage wedding potograph. Don’t let a basement flood ruin the family celebration. With the help of professional photo restorer our parents wedding photograph can be restored and printed in time for the anniversary. A vintage wedding photo portrait after restoration. With stain marks carefully retouched and the missing areas filled in, the restored wedding photograph was printed on fine art paper and made ready for professional framing. Custom digital archiving of photographs, photo albums, artworks and documents. All digital files are manually color corrected and minor dust and scratches are carefully reduced without lowering image sharpness or quality assuring that clients receive the best possible scans of photographs, artworks or documents. Restoration of an ink stained photograph. A photograph of a vintage Chris Craft speedboat racing across Long Island Sound was damaged by careless handling and at some point it also became covered with ink spots and numerous scratches. A photograph of a vintage Chris Craft speedboat after restoration. With paint stains carfully removed the photograph was cleaned and after scanning it was digitally retouched to remove the ink spots and to fill in the missing areas. Digital archiving and restoration of family documents. A rare US Civil War Union Army Discharge Certificate was carefully cleaned and digitally archived making it possible to share the digital image with other members of the mamily and to pass on the legacy to the future generations. Restoration of a Boy Scout Lifesaving and Meritorious Action Award Certificate. Commissioned by The Ten Mile River Scout Museum, this Boy Scout award for saving a man from drowning was carefully restored to be presented to the original recipient on his 95th birthday. Restoration of old news paper. restoration of The Halifax Chronicle newspaper with an article about rescue of Merchant Marines of the ship torpedoed by German submarines. Restoration an old The Halifax Chronicle newspaper. Numerous tears and missing areas were reinforced and patched with archival backing material. To prevent further deterioration the paper was deacidfied to neutralize any harmful chemicals that were originally contained in the paper and those that accumulated over the years. With time many Polaroid pictures become discolored, cracked, and curled. Carefully handled by an experienced restoration specialist even the most damaged photograph can be brought back to their original appearance and to be shared among family and friends. Restoration of an old Polaroid photo. With time many Polaroid pictures become discolored, cracked, and curled. Carefully handled by an experienced restoration specialist even the most damaged photograph can be brought back to their original appearance and to be shared among family and friends.   Restoration of an old photograph for HBO documentary film. The image on a small medallion was the first one identified to be of Josephine Carlisi, one of the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The image from the keepsake medallion was restored for HBO documentary film Triangle Remembering The Fire dedicated to 100th anniversary of that tragic event.   Restoration of a photograph stuck to broken glass. If a photograph that was not properly framed was exposed to high levels of humidity or became wet because of flooding, the chances are that it would become partially or whole stuck to the glass. The problem could be compounded if the glass is broken or if someone makes a haphazard attempt to detach photograph. Photograph previously stuck to broken glass after restoration. Depending on extend of the damage a photograph can either be separated from the glass with a minimal loss or it can be restored by digital retouching and reproduction of the original. Restoration of a torn photograph. A beautiful wedding picture taken at the beginning of the 20th century was brought to the studio in in an extremely bad condition. Torn to shreds, with many parts missing, it set in the closet for many years, slowly deteriorating from exposure to harmful chemicals used to disinfect and to rig of the mold and mildew. Restoration of a torn photograph from 1920s wedding. To restore the image and to bring back the original color of the photograph that has faded over many years of neglect, a high-resolution scan was made to capture all the details of the beautiful lace-work on the wedding dress. Using advance photo retouching techniques the tears on the photograph were mended and missing areas restored and replaced to produce the restored image and prints that contained all the detail and richness of the original. Restoration of an old photograph of Manhattan. 19th century photograph of 5th Avenue and the old 42nd Street Reservoir, present location of New York Public Library, was a faded ghost of its original self. During the restoration the overall fading of the photograph was removed and contrast and richness of the tones were brought back. Restoration of a photograph of 5th Avenue and the old 42nd Street Reservoir. The final restored image was printed on premium photo paper to be displayed as part of the private collection of New York historic photographs. Restoration and colorizing of a historic photograph of New York. A 19th century photograph of the original New York Plaza Hotel required careful cleaning and retouching of some missing parts of the building and it's surrounding. Colorized photograph of the original New York Plaza Hotel. After the retouching was complete, light colorization was applied to the photograph to eliminate the vast stark area of the sky. The subtle tones of blue and yellow gave a delicate vintage appeal to this great image of the original New York Plaza Hotel as it appeared before the reconstruction.
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