Can you restore a water damaged photograph? Even the most damaged and stain covered photos can be restored to their original appearance. After drying and careful restoration, all the stains and mold marks are gone from the surface of the photograph. Not yet restored high resolution scan of a historic photograph ready for restoration and colorizing. After careful retouching and restoration this black and white photograph was colorized to bring back the original appearance. High resolution photo scanning protects valiable photographs, family photo albums, and documents from accidental damage and loss. Scanned photograph after application of photo retouching that removed scrateches, dust, and discoloration from the original image. Can you flatten a rolled up photo? A rolled up photograph ready to be unrolled and flattened. Restoring a rolled up photo. Partially unrolled photograph showing a tear that will be mended with archival tape. After unrolling and flattening, this photograph is ready for framing. Can you make an accurate reproduction of a valiable photograph? Restoration of a historic photograph for a display in a private collection A reproduction copy of a historic WWII photograph restored and printed to be displayed instead of an original. 19th century view of 5th Avenue and St Patrick Cathedral taken in the days when the 5th Avenue was a quiet street, Midtown Manhattan was perfect for an afternoon stroll, and everything above 54th street was considered to be the Upstate New York. A historic photograph of New York City 5th Avenue and St Patrick Cathedral taken soon after its construction. Can a photograph stuck to broken glass be restored? If a photograph that got wet and became stuck to glass cannot be separated, it can be restored with careful retouching of the damaged areas. After restoration the photograph that was previously stuck to glass was printed and ready for framing to protect it from future damage. Can you restore a torn photograph? Mending a valuable family photograph with scotch tape is a really bad idea. But even such damaged photographs can be restored. With all the marks of pervious armature photo restoration attempt fixed, with lost pieces filled in and damages to the photograph retouched, the picture was framed to ones again show the family together. Restoration of a damaged and stained photograph from the collection of New York New York Tennis and Racquet Club Restoration and reproduction of an old photograph for the private archive of New York Tennis and Racquet Club Restoration of a US Civil War Army Service Discharge Certificate and Service Record. A rare US Civil War Union Army Service Discharge Certificate and Service Record after careful cleaning and flattening. The service record and the list of battles and engajements are visible on the back of the document. Restoration of a Boy Scouts of America Heroism Award for saving a drowning man. Carefully restored the Boy Scouts of America Heroism Award Certificate was framed and presented to recipient on his birthday. 1942 Halifax Chronical newspaper with an article about the periles endured by the sailors of the Northern Convois and the BAttle of the Atlantic. Restored newspaper papges after careful cleaning, mending of tears and digital reproduction of the missing parts. Restoration of an old polaroid that became curled and brittle. Old polaroid after being humidified and flattend is ready for high resolution photo scanning and digital retouching and color correction. Faded and scratched old polaroid picture after restoration and color adjastments returnes it to the original condition. Restoration of old photographs for Natalie Merchant Leave Your Sleep album cover art and a boocklet Album cover art including retouched and restored photographs of the poets Restoration of old and damaged photographs for documentary film production. Josephine Carlisi one of the victums of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. Restored photograph for HBO documentary film Triangle Remembering The Fire dedicated to 100th anniversary of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy.
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